About Us

Hi everyone, I am an anthropology major at the university of Cambridge and wanted to start a blog about what the world may look like in the post-millennial world.

What do I mean by post-millennial?

The last four generations of American culture have impacted humanity as a whole in several significant ways (which I will discuss via posts here), and as this wheel turns we find ourselves at an interesting point.

The children of the world just over the horizon are the products of a disruptive and creative generation, a generation that will benefit from the visionary generation before that will dive deeper into the practical and be doers rather than radical dreamers.

This blog is in no way meant to be a negative judgement on any of the people groups mentioned herein, but rather a continually developing thesis on what I have seen and predictions based on current trends and other factors.

In the end this information may be wrong, but it might be right. Either way, understanding the past, as they say, is critical to understanding what has yet to come.